200Hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course

The One Wellness 200Hr Teacher Training Programme is a 7-week weekend course. Suitable for yoga students and teachers alike, this program sets a strong foundation for individuals wanting to become teachers or teachers wanting to deepen their existing knowledge. Not just limited to those with teaching in mind, any yoga student can simply deepen their yoga practice and body awareness from this course.
Within the 7-weeks a wide variety of topics are covered including asana, pranayama, kriya, general and yoga anatomy and more. You will study 54 basic and advanced asanas intensively, both practically and theoretically, taught by experienced and highly qualified instructors.
Our course is offered in conjunction with the International Institute of Yogic Science, affiliated with the Yoga Association of Singapore, Singapore Yoga Therapy Council and registered with Yoga Alliance USA, qualifying for the 200-hr Yoga Alliance Certification. Yoga Alliance is an International governing board for yoga teachers and training programmes in the U.S and globally. Graduates of our course are then eligible to register as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance, an internationally recognised qualification which many studios regard highly.
While this course is suited for any level of practitioner, in order to make the most of this experience we recommend a minimum 6 months of yoga practice.

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FAQ on Teacher Training Course (TTC)
1. How proficient in yoga do I have to be to enrol for the Teacher Training Course (TTC)?

You must have at least 6 months of consistent yoga practice.

2. What style of yoga will be taught - hatha, iyengar, vinyasa flow or other styles?

Mainly Hatha yoga. You will master 54 classic yoga postures.

3. If I want to enrol for the TTC to develop my own practice rather than teach, is it okay?

Yes. The TTC is a platform for persons who wish to teach but is highly recommended for practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge of their practice.

4. I follow a different spiritual path (or I don't have a spiritual path), is it okay?

Yoga is a secular practice and is not tied to any one religion. Persons of different religious backgrounds or with no religious affiliations practice yoga.

5. Are books and materials included in the price of the TTC?

You will be provided with a course manual but additional reading materials will have to be purchased or borrowed.

6. If the course is full, is there a waitlist for the TTC?

You will be placed on the waitlist for the TTC if it is full.

7. How many students are enrolled for each TTC?

Each run of TTC will not have more than 20 students. A small group of students allows for more dedicated teaching.

8. What is the typical age range of students who sign up for the TTC?

We accept students of all ages. The practice of yoga does not discriminate against any age. We are never too young or too old to learn.

9. Do I need other qualifications or experience to be accepted into the TTC?

No. Just a good attitude and a willingness to open yourself to new experiences.

10. How do I secure a place in the TTC?

You are required to place a non-refundable deposit of SG$500.00 with your application to secure a place.

11. When is full payment for the TTC due?

One month before the commencement date.

12. What do I need to bring for the TTC?

A good attitude and a willingness to open yourself to new experiences.

13. What happens if I miss a class or session in the timetable?

You are required to attend all sessions. It is compulsory to attend the afternoon sessions on Saturday and Sunday from 1 p.m to 7 p.m. If you are unable to attend the practice sessions in the morning and/or evening, you are required to attend practice sessions on weekdays to complete your hours for the TTC.

14. Will I have the opportunity to practice teaching classes?

You will have the opportunity to assist/ teach at One Wellness upon graduation. This will be subject to the decision of the Course Director and One Wellness.

15. What is Yoga Alliance?

It is a professional organisation that provides support services for yoga and yoga teacher certification. Yoga Alliance also maintains a registry of yoga schools to recognize yoga teacher training programs that meet 200-Hour and 500-Hour standards.

16. Will I be qualified to teach yoga once I have completed the TTC?

Yes. You will be qualified to teach yoga if you fulfill the necessary requirements for the successful completion of the TTC.

17. Is continuing education required to keep my certification?

Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) must complete continuing education hours every three years to maintain their registration and continue to grow their yoga knowledge and teaching skills.

18. What kind of on-going support is available?

Yoga Alliance and yoga communities on the web.