Members must check in with their membership cards or class cards at the front desk before entry to the club regardless of whether a booking has been made in advance. First timers are required to check in at least 20 minutes before their first class for registration purposes.


Bookings by members, excepting for VIP members, are mandatory and may be made up to 2 days in advance via calling the Booking Hotline: 6221 9663. Bookings are subject to availability.


Do call us at least 4 hours in advance, failure of which may lead to loss of class booking privileges.
Class Attendance

Be present at the club at least 10 minutes before class for check-in and other preparations. Once a class is in progress, you may be refused entry. No cell phones, bags and other valuables are allowed in class. Members must wear appropriate apparel. Consumption of food is not allowed in class.

Personal Training Studios

Members may practice their own warm-ups 15 minutes prior to the start of their personal training sessions if the personal training studios are not occupied. Rates for usage of the personal training studios without a personal trainer are $70 per hour for the normal personal training studio and $100 per hour for the hot personal training studio and pilates reformer studio.

Suspension of Membership

Memberships can be suspended only in the case of pregnancy or illness/ injury rendering the member incapable of engaging in any physical exercise. A request for Suspension of Membership form must be filled up and be supported by a letter from a certified physician. A Processing Fee of $50 and a monthly administration fee of $20 is applicable for any request of membership suspension.

Personal Belongings

All cell phones, bags and other valuables must be stored in the lockers provided by the club. Members are advised to use a stout padlock to secure their locker. The club is not responsible for any loss or damages of the locker contents. Lockers excepting rental lockers, are for daily use and any belongings left overnight will be donated to charity.


  • Be respectful to others by refraining from loud talking in the vicinity of an on going class.
  • Text messages are encouraged in the lobby or changing room area.
  • Do not enter or exit a class while it is in progress.
  • Do not adjust the yoga mats in the studio.
  • Clean up after yourself at the end of the class, do not leave any spills or sweat behind.
  • Do not come for class if you are sick.
  • Keep your tissues on the mat and take them with you when you leave the class.