Personal Training – Every Body is Different!

No two bodies are alike and personal training addresses the differences in every single body and helps uncover your body’s highest potential. We offer private lessons in 3 dedicated fully equipped personal training studios, one of which is Singapore’s only hot private studio.

Benefits of Personal Training 

Understanding your own body

– are you aware of any postural imbalances in your body? Is tightness in a specific part of your body preventing you from completing the postures in group classes? Or would you like to master advance postures and deepen your practice? In personal training, individualized instructions and props are used to address your specific needs.

Healing your own body

– Do you have muscular tension in your body? Joint pain, frozen shoulders, lower back pain, slipped disc, sports injury, stress, hypertension, insomnia, digestive disorders, migraine, fatigue, anxiety and depression? For those with specific injuries, health concerns or fitness goals, personal training is an excellent option. Within the session, our trainers can provide therapy and rehabilitation with the use of props and equipment to suit each individual’s need.

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