"Having tried my fair share of yoga studios in Singapore, One Wellness is far superior than the rest. The instructors are very knowledgeable and demonstrate a great degree of care towards each student. Through the yoga classes, my flexibility has significantly improved and I just feel a whole lot better every day."

Asher Devang

"Dear Master Dev, I'd like to thank you for your guidance and supervision getting introduced into the mastery of Yoga art. As a business professional it is important to me maintain fresh mind and balanced lifestyle. Yoga is ideal way to energize body, gain necessary concentration, organize thoughts and release stress. On the other hand as a professional athlete I recognize the strength of yoga in various areas. It is helping me to gain the necessary agility, strength and flexibility for dragon boat rowing competitions and use the core strength to win races. I trust it will make the difference next week in DBS Marina Regatta race. As a fitness professional I recommend yoga as ultimate recipe to complement any dietary program, activating your basal metabolism and provide total detoxification experience. I became part of my fitness and bodybuilding preparation to compete on even higher level. Yoga is an ultimate body & soul art. I'm a member of multiple fitness clubs, but one wellness is my one stop destination for all yoga classes. Compared to other clubs it maintains very high standard of exclusive club and personalized attitude. This is very important to me as a seasonal practitioner and beginner, not to get lost in the crowd. Your experience, guidance and professionalism, combined with personal attitude are helping me to grow from class to class and take away from each class the maximum. I can capitalize investment of time and resources with maximum efficiency. Hot Ashtanga class became my favorite class. This can really challenge your strength, endurance and body fitness. I'm keen to grow into regular yoga enthusiast and I recommend it highly to by business partners, family and fitness clients. (I do not recommend it to my competitors in fitness and bodybuilding competitions :D I plan to use it as competitive advantage on the stage of Fitness & Bodybuilding competitions in Singapore and Europe) Yours faithfully, "

Miroslav Babol

"I have been practising yoga for a number of years, but prior to joining One Wellness, my yoga practice has been rather unfulfilling. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my yoga classes at my previous studio, but I was not overly passionate about yoga, and usually went for class 1-2 times a week. When my package at the previous studio was nearing an end, I decided that it was time to move on to a new studio and inject new life into my yoga practice. Under the recommendation of a friend, I decided to give One Wellness a try. I signed up for an Ashtanga trial class by Master Arya with 2 other friends, and we were blown away! What impressed me at the trial was how Master Arya was able to tell our potential just by looking at us. Even though it was my first time there, he was not afraid to push me to my limits. I came out of the trial class feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and excited about going for my next class. All three of us signed up with One Wellness that day after the trial. That was about 2 years ago, and I have never regretted joining One Wellness. All the instructors at One Wellness are very experienced and attentive, and they never fail to amaze me at how well they understand our body just by looking at us in a posture. I always love a challenging class, and Master Dev's classes definitely deliver that and more. Master Dev has a great sense of humour which makes his classes really enjoyable and fun. My flexibility has improved under Master Arya's supervision and I am thankful to him for always pushing me out of my comfort zone and "scolding" me for being lazy. Haha. I love the different teaching styles of the instructors at One Wellness, as it has helped me to grow in my yoga practice and improve. But if I had to choose a favorite, no question it is Monika. She is extremely patient and her stretch classes are the best! I always come out of her stretch classes feeling relaxed and happy, it seems that all the tension has simply melted out of my body. Monika has a talent for correcting my alignment and helping me gain the maximum benefits out of a posture. Monika's pilates classes are a great workout and my core has definitely improved since I started going for pilates. One Wellness has made me addicted to yoga, and before I found out I am pregnant, I used to go for classes at least 5 times a week coz there are simply too many classes to choose from! When I found out I am pregnant, the first thing that came to my mind was ( "Damn! I can't go for yoga anymore!" My first trimester was a torture as I was not able to start prenatal yoga until second trimester. I was so happy when I could finally start private prenatal yoga with Monika! Monika is very experienced in prenatal yoga, but the best thing is that she knows my standard and understands my body. Many of my pregnant friends complain of aches and pains due to pregnancy, but I am pleased to say that my pregnancy has been smooth sailing and pain free so far. I am approaching my third trimester in April. Monika is gentle but firm in her prenatal class, and at the start of each prenatal class, she will always ask if I feel any tightness or aches anywhere, so that she can tailor the postures in the class to relieve the discomfort. And it works every time. We do a variety of exercises in prenatal. Apart from stretching, I also love Monika's strengthening exercises as well. We focus on my back and thigh muscles, so that they are better able to support my I increasing belly size. I think the strengthening exercises have been helpful so far, as I don't get backaches. Even though I am pregnant, I still feel relatively fit and strong which I attribute to my regular yoga practice before pregnancy and my prenatal yoga practice during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, do consider taking private prenatal classes with Monika. It is definitely worth every cent. I All in all, Yoga has helped to keep me in good health and tip top shape, and this has helped me greatly during my pregnancy. If you are considering taking up yoga, do give one Wellness a try."

Olivia Kwok

"Yoga is about proper alignment and breathing and feeling good. Yoga I believe is a good way to live a healthy life. I go for the basic yoga practice and find the instructors at One Wellness experienced and also very observant. They guide and help you into the postures correctly. You will note that all the instructors' are dedicated towards yoga which reflects in the way they conduct the class and after practicing yoga for an hour you leave with a deeply relaxing feeling. My experience of practicing Yoga has completely changed after going to classes at One Wellness . Yoga does not cause injury. In fact I had a few injuries which were causing me a lot of pain that is when I happened to meet Master Dev at a yoga workshop. He suggested few very simple exercises which I started doing. I signed up soon after for a few trial classes at One Wellness. All the instructors at One Wellness are good and very professional. I believe yoga is the best form of exercise and is inherently good for your body and soul. My injuries and pain is much reduced now and hoping slowly I will be rid of it completely. At One Wellness you will leave after a class feeling recharged and not tiredness."

Parool Mehta

"One of the main reasons why I am writing this testimony is because exactly a year ago I walked into this white walls, cosy and vibrant studio looking for a good workout and relaxation. I have been to other studios around the island but this particular place has its own magic! The teachers and the different exciting programs that they offer! Teachers are excellent coaches and very ‘hands-on’. You don’t feel left out in the class, the teachers modify postures by touch! Each teacher at One Wellness has given me something precious. Master Shivangi – the first teacher that I met, she taught me about energy and how to breathe. Master Monika – her Pilates and Yin classes are amazing, it helped me with my stamina. She reminds me not to take myself too seriously. Master Arya – helped me prove to my strength of body and mind to myself. Master Dev – he told me this once ‘nothing is impossible. You can do it if you have the willpower. It’s all in you, change your mind set and tell yourself you can do it, and the rest will follow!’ After my first week with them, I decided to sign up as a member. And a month later, I signed up for 200HR Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (TTC)… although the idea of enrolling in ýoga’ teacher training seemed crazy to me…especially when you know your body have too many limitations! How on earth can you teach yoga if you can’t even touch your heel to the ground in Downward Facing Dog? I must be out of my mind! And the TTC started, seven weekends led by Master Dev. My most favorite part of the TTC - Posture Clinic. I just couldn’t describe how impressed, amazed and happy I was when Master Dev helped me with my first Headstand, my first Hand Stand, first Crow...he made it so easy! He definitely has his magic formulas! ‘Is there any posture that you think I can’t do Master? No, you can do it all!’ That was his answer! Oh yes, if you are lucky he will choose you to be the model to show-off your best posture. I have to admit I never knew how bad some of my postures were until I attended this session. Master Dev walks you patiently through each posture, so you will know how to detect and self-correct impaired postures, how to balance and coordinate your body/muscles and increase body stability. Now the toughest part of the TTC - the practical trainings! Very tough! Two hours non-stop, twice a day with Master Dev is NO JOKE! You are locked in a Torture Chamber with him! You miss one posture during the practice, he gives you a ‘Golden Chance’, and make sure you do it this time else you get another ‘Golden Chance’. The practice is a combo, all in one routine - cardio, strength, endurance, and flexibility! And for good reason—the room is very hot and the 54 postures physically demanding. But to my surprise, I survived; I didn’t even faint. More surprising, I felt amazing afterwards. Sure, I was tired and drained, but never before had I been more relaxed or felt more of a release. Once you walk out of that heated room, with a ‘smiling happy face’ and your feet barely touching the floor, all the sweat and the struggle are worthwhile. It really works in anyone that trusts the process and takes the time to enjoy the journey as a marathon and not a 10 second sprint. I couldn’t believe how hard it was, and how much progress I was making in those seven weeks. Well, as I mentioned, I’m feeling better than I have in years, physically, mentally and emotionally. I just had to write and tell you all about the wonderful changes I am experiencing in my life now, as a result of my new-found experiences with One Wellness. I’m feeling better than I have in years – happier, more alive, more vibrant, more in tune with myself. I’m definitely in better shape now, my clothes are all looser, and I’m probably going to have to buy some new clothes soon. I won’t pretend that yoga has become easy or that I’m always excited to go. I still get sore and I’m still learning….long way to go! And did I mention, my Personal Training sessions are awesome too?  :) "

Sara Mariasoosai

"I started taking PT lessons with Master Dev in February this year. The purpose is to make a difference in my balance, posture and strength as well as reduce my weight to 50 kg. I also aim to keep my cholesterol levels within healthy limits. I have weak ankles often leading to problems like sprained ankle and other uncomfortable conditions. At times, even walking down the staircase is painful on my knees. After the first lesson, Dev also noticed that my legs, arms and neck are weak too. Then it is the beginning of different strength-building stretching exercises in the coming months. He focused on helping me in building up my physical fitness including strength, core, endurance, balance and flexibility. I worked on slings, backbending bench, yoga ball and ‘bouncy dome’- dome shape that create resistance and make it hard to stand. Due to my physical weaknesses, I found all these props very intimidating. Initially, it was like ‘Humpty Dumpty’ performing a balancing act. But his thoughtful adjustments and offering the right amount of challenge at every step created a positive impact on my body. I learned balance and coordination and use muscles that I had no knowledge existed. I also learned how to reach, lift, stand on one leg and even ‘active’ tucking in the fat stomach. Dev always emphasizes on technique. He has shown me how to use a specific muscle group during the training, whereby maximizing benefit from a given movement. In the past, I would have taught, doing yoga is simply ‘just do it’. Now I understand that how you do a posture is so critically important in order to receive benefits from that work.,/br> The daily Yin and Yang breathing exercise that would improve my health (which I was not convinced earlier) is effective. I do not feel tired easily and my mind is more alert after practicing for 1 week. I should have started that earlier. Now I have increased strength, endurance and energy. He gives me the confidence to know that my body is very flexible to do some yoga postures (don’t know those names), something I had never thought possible. He is a great teacher. Now I look forward to the day that I could walk straight with balance shoulders, flat stomach (not my version of yoga teacher post) and with radiance. Lastly, I would also want to do all the postures, remembering the names as well, in the yoga classes without following others."

Gillian Chan

"I went places I hadn’t gone before during the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at One Wellness Fitness Club under the guidance of Master Dev Kapil. I can definitely tell that my middle and upper spine are getting more flexible since I’m letting myself go far down in the back bend without any fear and along with that my core is getting stronger, which allows me to support a deeper backward bend.  Master Dev instructions helped because I could really see just how far I had to push my arms back and my stomach, chest, and hips forward. During standing head to knee pose I did a little bit, but it is very hard for me to keep my standing knee locked and kick out simultaneously so I may not be completely ready to kick out yet.  I can kick out a tiny bit. Dandayamana Janushirasana and Natraja Asana are difficult asana but my favourite ones and my ultimate goal is to master it.I am sure with Master Dev’s instructions which are very clear and easy to follow eventually I’ll get there.   My hamstring flexibility has improved so much that I stop worrying about whether or not I can do it perfectly and just try.  Master Dev is very encouraging and gives me the confidence to perform the Asanas.It doesn’t have to be perfect but I just have to try. I like the sequence which Master Dev executes which starts with the Standing series and then the Floor series. After the intense Standing Series the Floor series are very relaxing. My right knee is still sore but I think it is getting better.  I’m just being careful in one legged postures and I haven’t been doing toe stand on the left side I’ve just been staying in tree and working on balance and concentration. Master Dev is very concern and very caring and never forces anyone into a posture if the person is injured or has any kind of discomfort. Master Dev is very particular about the Class Energy.If someone falls out of a posture, and then other people around her often do. It’s kind of a chain reaction and it makes you realize how connected the class becomes. I have been guilty of coming out of a posture with someone as well. I don’t really know why it happens, but I think it is because we really do use each other’s energy in the class and if there is a break in that energy then everyone feels it. Master Dev wants everyone to maintain the class energy which eventually pushes everyone to the limits and realised their endurance level.He is very focused and teach everyone to stay focus and get the Asanas correct. I have been very scared and reluctant of doing Asana like Head Stand, Scorpion, and Hand Stand but Master Dev makes it so easy and I feel confident to perform. He helped me and showed me how it is supposed to feel. Last but not the least the Pranayama by Master Arya are always refreshing. I felt like I could keep breathing in forever. Kriyas and Theory class with Shivangi was a very good experience and she has been a wonderful teacher.Mantras with Monika always make me relaxed and calm.  I’ve been pushing the posture really hard and I know I’m improving. Not to mention when I began this yoga teacher training, I never would have been able to even come close to where I am now in the postures. And my body is all sore. But I do think most of the pain is good pain, strengthening pain, I feel amazing right now despite the aches. I have never felt better in my life. Thank you all at One Wellness."

Supriya Rodrigues

"I have traveled lots and been to many yoga studios so I can say for sure that these teachers at OW are the real deal. I came to One Wellness with the single minded goal of gaining enough strength through yoga to do one push up. After 4 tough but fun months I can do my push up, plus other bonuses such as losing weight, improving my flexibility, overall strength and reigniting my yoga mojo., If you come here prepared to work hard, listen to the teachers and practice mindfully you have no choice but to be a better yogi."

Martine Hardaker