As a native Balinese, Yoga has been part of Nila's life since a very young age. Chanting, creating offerings, connecting with the spirits and nature was her day-to-day childhood.
Curious to explore the world, she decided to emabrk on a journey to explore the world.
After graduated with a bachelor degree in Hotel Management, she worked in Singapore, United States of America, as well as in Bali, Indonesia.
Nila's active participation in Yoga started in 2013 due to her asthma condition since early childhood. It was triggered by routine cardio workout to lose weight. 
Through regular Yoga practiced, not only did she manage to control her asthma, she also managed to lose weight, get stronger and gain more flexibility.
Nila completed her 200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Tatva Yoga & International Institute of Yogic Science (IIYS) in 2017.
''I could never imagine myself becoming a yoga teacher because I simply love to learn more from being a student. But after my first few teaching experiences, only then I realized that teaching is just another level of learning experience for me. And since then, I love and enjoyed teaching with my students''.
She loves to continue to learn, grow and share her passion in yoga. She wants to contribute her teachings back to the community, especially for elderly to stay active and healthy.