Khew Chin Rei
Chin Rei started practicing in 2005 and found her way to a Bikram Yoga class in 2008. 
"I found myself decimated in a pool of sweat after the class and I must have been flat out on the mat for at least 15 mins before I felt confident that my legs had sufficiently recovered to wobble out of class but I also felt something profound that evening. Practicing quickly became the highlight at the end of a workday. I found the class fun and challenging and I always feel better after practice. Within 9 months, I found the adult acne problem that I had been struggling with for well over a decade completely cleared up. An annual health check also confirmed that I had "grown" by a centimetre. 4 years later, I tendered my resignation to attend the 9 weeks of intensive Bikram Yoga teacher training in 2012 and I have been teaching since. It still is the most effective way I know to mentally reboot and recharge. I am delighted to be paying it forward by sharing this amazing practice which has brought me transformation, self knowledge, greater joy and a more equanimous mind."
Chin Rei is also a certified Hatha yoga teacher. She completed the 200 Hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training from Tatva Yoga & International Institute of Yogic Science (IIYS) in China and pursues her continuing education with Tatva Yoga & IIYS. She enjoys learning about the therapeutic benefits of yoga asana and browsing through yoga therapy sequences. She also loves attending workshops and trainings to feed her yoga appetite.
Chin Rei has also completed a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and English Language and a Master's degree in Commerce. In her previous life, she was an insitutional bank relationship manager and a competitive canoeist during her junior college days.