Jasmine Lim

Life changes the moment you take your first Bikram Yoga class. Everyone remembers his or her first class in the hot room. First question is usually "Why is it so crazily hot? I can't breathe in here!" Personally, her first class in 2008 was amazing but yet challenging. (She was living in Arizona so it seemed hotter outside than in the hot room).

Jasmine fell in love with Bikram Yoga because it relates so much to life itself. There are so many unforeseen circumstances in the hot room just as life throws its curveball at you. She started Bikram Yoga to gain more strength and flexibility for dance. Surprisingly, it gave her more than she have imagined, it brought changes to her physically, mentally and even to her perspective and outlook in life. 
A different challenge present itself every time she walk into the hot room. Some days Jasmine old injuries would flare up and bring tears close to her eyes. She learnt to breathe and let it go. The pain and discomfort will pass just like everything else. Some days her mind will get weak and her body just wants to give up. Again she learnt to just breathe and found that her body is stronger than what her mind perceives.
Jasmine attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Fall 2011 in Los Angeles. She has the best learning experience from Bikram Choudhury and all the Senior Teachers. Jasmine taught Bikram Yoga in Australia, Singapore and France. She is truly blessed to be able to assist and help others through Bikram Yoga.
Besides yoga, Jasmine love running and dancing. She is also a mummy to two beautiful babies.