Master Dev
World Champion (2008-2009) Master Yogratten Dev Kapil is from a lineage of distinguished yogis. He began his yogic journey at the tender age of 3 years under the careful tutelage of his father Shri M. R. Pareek, following the legacy passed down by his grandfather Yogiraj Rishikesh Shastri, renowned Vedic scholar and astrologer. Both influential mentors are the driving force behind his significant yogic realizations and achievements.
Master Dev's spiritual journey was initiated by the revered Guru Veet raag Tapomurti Brahmrishi Danditt Swami Laksheshwarashramji and Yogacharyani Krishnamurti, renowned yoga teacher and Yoga Arjuna Awardee.

Master Dev studied and taught movement for over two decades of his yogi journey in different parts of Asia, Europe and USA. Having explored the various yoga philosophies and practices deeply rooted in the vedas and other ancient scriptures, he decided to focus on the effects of hatha yoga and the importance of maintaining a daily discipline towards accepting the blessings of change and finding balance throughout the seasons of one's life.


Winner of 17 consecutive National Yoga Championships in India, Master Dev received the title of “Yogratten” (Jewel of Yoga) from the Indian government for his unsurpassed contribution to the field of yoga. Singapore Yoga Champion (2008-2009), he represented Singapore and clinched title of Yoga World Champion 2009 at the Bishnu Ghosh World Yoga Championship held in LA, USA in 2009.


Academic wise, Master Dev holds Diplomas in Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, a Degree in Computer Science and a Master Degree in Yogic Science.

Teaching Methodology

His teaching is based on the study of human anatomy, amalgamating the traditions of classical and modern schools of yoga with emphasis on rhythm and flow, the use of breath, bandhas and safe execution of yoga postures through correct body alignment.

Teaching Style

A compassionate and versatile teacher, his teaching style is fluid and characterized by clear instructions, enthusiasm, warmth, wit and humour.