Sports, fitness and dance have always been a part of Monika’s life. She is a keen competitor in sports, a trained Indian classical dancer, experienced yoga therapist and excel in many physical activities.


Monika holds dual degrees – A Degree in Bachelor of Arts and ADegree in Physical Education and has completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy from Punjab University

Awards and Accolades

- International Softball Team representing India
- Gold medallist in intervarsity baseball and softball competitions
- Gold medallist in Chandigarh Open State Yoga Championship
- Silver medallist in 5th Himachal State Yoga Championship
- Bronze medallist in National Yoga Championship
- Black Belt in Karate (traditional shotokaan)
- and many others


A decade of teaching experience has gained Monika a loyal following of students in India as well as Singapore.
As befitting her interest in sports and education in physical education, Monika teaches the most diverse range of classes in the club. A versatile and gifted teacher, some of her most popular group classes include Yin Stretch, Dynamic Pilates, andZumba. Monika’s lively and energetic spirit makes her classes fun,
challenging and a joy to attend.
A trained Yoga Therapist, Monika has helped many students with health concerns such as sciatica, slipped disc, tendonitis, tennis elbow, frozen shoulders in personal training sessions. She also teaches pre-natal yoga.